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Client Testimonials

We think we’re pretty good at what we do, but it’s even nicer when your clients think we rock!

I found Keith Rogers, owner of Norwood Physical Therapy, to be attentive, knowledgeable, compassionate, friendly and thoroughly professional. He always took the time to answer my questions and alleviated all of my many concerns regarding my shoulder surgery.

During my sessions, he provided attentive direction and I was given valuable home exercises to address my specific problems.

Overall, the professional atmosphere, cleanliness of the office, and attentiveness of the staff provided me with a very positive experience. I would like to thank everyone at Norwood Physical Therapy for helping me recover.

I would highly recommend Norwood PT to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Coach at NVOT

After years of denial and avoidance of my shoulder pain and lack of range of motion, I finally took the plunge and had surgery and came to Norwood PT on the strong recommendation of my surgeon. Finally, I did the super-smart thing! Your competence, caring, and compassion just blew me away during the several months of my healing and strengthening process. You encouraged me, while pushing me towards continuous improvement three times a week during my visits (and reminding me about exercising at home). Not being satisfied at just that, you insisted I keep trying harder to accomplish even more challenging goals how terrific was that as I surpassed my noteworthy results each and every day!

I’m so proud of where I am today, six months after surgery, and “graduating” from your PT program of less pain/more motion/increased comfort and agility!!!!

It’s all because I chose Norwood Physical Therapy, took advantage of you and your team’s expertise, and worked hard at the regimen you guys set up for me and made me stick to!

While there were days I was mad as heck at all I had to do to achieve all these great results, I’m so grateful you all were there to “nudge, cajole, and encourage” me, while guiding me to do each and every exercise the right way … no cheating, no shortcuts, no less than the number of repetitions, etc. You sure know how to get patients to do the right thing the right way!!

I watched your entire staff with patients, and every one of us got that same TERRIFIC treatment and attention to detail as we worked towards our goals.

Thank you is not enough, but I’m happy to refer patients your way whenever I can, and serve as a Patient Ambassador to anyone who’s thinking of using your professional services and has questions or just wants to talk to a highly satisfied client!

My best regards to all, and have a great year.


I am currently a patient over at Norwood Physical Therapy rehabilitating a torn rotator cuff/labrum. I have been working with Keith and he has made a big difference. I feel stronger & have noticed tremendous progress due to his experience, knowledge, diligence and patience.

Keith is very accommodating with scheduling & always puts the patient first.

Thank you for getting me back to the softball field & hiking trails.

All the Best,


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